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Buying a personalised number plate is an exciting, yet often confusing experience. And when buying a number plate you are essentially faced with two options, either purchase one from a dealer and face the possibility of a substantial commission fee, or buy one privately directly from the seller.

Buying direct cuts out the middle man and you’re guaranteed not only the best price possible, but also a little room for negotiation – if haggling is your thing, that is.

Wicked Plates own all of the number plates we sell and we don’t charge a commission. We want YOU to stand out from the crowd, and we don’t want you to pay a premium for the ability to do so. Please take the time to look through our number plates, and then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

About Us

Welcome to WickedPlates.com. My name is Andy Burns, the founder of WickedPlates.com. This is my new website and I hope that you enjoy looking. If so, please bookmark and share as I would like to add a quarterly news update reviewing numbers coming up for auction, along with recommendations concerning private numberplates.

I became interested in car registration numbers at an early age of my life. I sold my first three registration numbers in 1971, and if the chance presented itself, I’d gladly buy them back for fifty times more than I sold them for. That’s the great thing about registration numbers, they certainly can be a blue chip investment if you purchase the right ones.

If you could get hold of a copy of the Sunday Times newspaper of 1971 you would have found numbers at a fraction of the cost of today. I remember seeing the oh so risky PEN 15 which was up for sale for age at a modest £150. A fun number of course, but I remember thinking “who on earth would want that on their car?”. My only thought perhaps being someone named Dick, but I digress. Another fun private number plate was POT 80 which belonged to a potato merchant.

Also around that time any three letters followed by a one, for example AMB 1 was around £150. The price today for such an exclusive plate would be around £35,000. That’s a whopping 230 times more! I’ve come across a number of great number plates over the years. In 1965 there was an advert for an Austin 1800 advertised by Mr Stanley Jones of Gravelly Hill, Birmingham, with the registration COM 1C. The price of the vehicle was £1,100 thus making the number worth £250. Another great number is MAG 1C owned by magician Paul Daniels.

The most expensive registration number sold was F1 which fetched £375,000 in 2008, surpassing the £331,000 of the previous record holder, M1. The D.V.L.A. holds five auctions every year around the country and these are the source of all registration numbers having issued them from the very beginning of the registration system.

Personally, I have enjoyed cherished numbers for many years now. It’s a bit of fun, and has turned out to be a wise investment. Whatever you’re looking for, I am always here to offer advice or to answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to take a look at the plates I currently have on offer, and I hope you find this website a useful resource.

Happy hunting!
Andy Burns

This Time It’s Personal!

Buying your private number plate through Wicked Plates will be a different experience to what you may be used to.

To us it’s all about the personal touch. We’ll guide you through your private plate purchase from start to finish, making the experience hassle free and removing the uncertainty from the process, explaining the journey along the way.

We’ll Buy Your Private Plates For Cash!

Sell Your Private Plates For Cash

In addition to selling number plates, we’re always willing to purchase unique and interesting plates to add to our collection. We’ll handle all of the transfer headaches, and buy your plate for cash. Call us on 07968 249019 for further details or email illyburns@aol.com.